I need lots of feedback!!!

I would like feedback on the following images. What do these motifs/forms/objects/materials make you think of? Do they evoke any sort of thought, feeling, emotion? Do you want to touch them so you can understand more or is the visual enough information? I numbered each image so if there is a particular images that is your favorite please let me know what number and why. Just list the first things that come to your mind. You don’t have to know anything about my work at all, I just want to know what these things make you think of. If you can spare five minutes please give me your opinion. Also I know the pictures don’t portray scale so keep in mind that these objects are small (most of them are 2-4 inches). Feel free to pass this on to all your friends because I need as much feedback as possible, thanks!!! 🙂


11 responses to “I need lots of feedback!!!

  1. Abby,

    I like numbers 12&24 a lot.

    Love ya!

    Uncle Dave

  2. Jennifer Ritter

    They all look like tiny vintage mirrors – some being more ornate than others. I do wish I can touch them because it looks like you used different materials that cannot be easily identified by the image alone. When looking at all of them together it’s kind of overwhelming and it makes me think of obsession – people being obsessed with their appearance, whether it’s with themselves or how they appear to others.

  3. Abby, These make me think of antique cameos and pictures, they feel “precious” or special, like something you would keep close to your heart and take with you. Both the materials and the scale are what evoke this, also the shape. The open oval shape makes me think of portraits and family. Hope this helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. I think it looks GREAT! I Love all the detail!

  4. They remind me of vintage picture frames that you would see with silhouettes of peoples profile in. I do want to touch them because of all the different materials used. They make me feel like home and it would look like an awesome quilt if you put them all together.

  5. When I first looked at your work I was reminded of my paternal grandmother who
    had many treasures like this in her home and I remember being intrigued by the patterns even when I was a child.

    I liked the soft, muted colors you used. I find them warm and comforting. The patterns remind me of cameos and antiques…things that are meant to be treasured because of the history they represent.

    I especially like the colors in # 23 and the pattern in # 13. As always, i am amazed by your talent and your creativity.

  6. The first 4 look like a pie or dessert, #4 ,5 kinda resemble food too. #6-9 look like ornaments. #10, 11, 20, 21, 23 look like shark teeth or jaw, & 15-19 look like sea shells of some sort.

    The rest I am not sure about.

  7. Abby,
    #6 is my favorite because i have seen it in person and know that there is something about the deconstruction of the silk that speaks to me. Along that note, i also like #’s 16-19. The metal in #6 adds that special element. My second favorite group is #1 and 2. The netting reminds me of the hats I used to play with at my grandmothers house. There is an old fashioned fanciness that adds another layer to the metal arrangement… I’d like to see some netting over some deconstructed silk… Third favorite are 10 and 11 with their hinges, although the look a little like these might still be in progress. My least fav is #4, the stitching is just distracting for me, where as 12,13,14 are exquisite! #7 and 20 do look like a mouth. hope this helps 🙂

  8. Fun to look at. #3 looks like yellow cake with lavender frosting. The others look like frames that need cameos in them. #14 looks like a true antique cameo.

  9. Abby,

    It is very difficult to pick a favorite because they are all so interesting. I really like the detail that you have used on eachh piece. The combination of metal, enamel, fabric and stitching is very unique. I have seen them in person so I know the detail in each piece. They remind me of minature vintage frames. # 16 is very unique because of the lock of hair the. The more that I study each one I think that # 15 is one of my favorite. It reminds me of a cameo. Keep up the good work.


  10. I was reading some of the responses of others and I do agree that I get the image of an antique mirror. Then I started thinking about what that image could mean beyond the physical. It makes me reflect on the past. Then I thought of your project having to do with the changing seasons and it hit me; it’s reflecting on the past as the seasons change. But what is really changing. Sure small details in our lives change, but I like to focus on the constants in life. The people, the relationships, who you are, who you were, who you have become. Yes, the names may have changed, or the closeness may have changed, or your perception of yourself may have changed; but, the rolls that these people, things, definitions fill stays constant. I don’t know, this is probably all just bable; but this is truely what I am thinking while I am thinking it. I never did too well in interpretation classes. 🙂

  11. Love this! What fun this was to examine each one and read other peoples’ ideas and comments! I would call this “Visions through the Looking Glass”. My initial impression was of antique mirrors and remembering the Disney movie, Snow White. My favorite is #23; I love the soft colors and definitely wanted to touch it! My second favorite is #16; at first I thought it had a feather but then realized it is hair. Great job! Sorry for the late response.

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