Sarasota and Stitch Spectacular!

I’m back from Florida and got the good news that I made it into the Stitch Spectacular show! YAY! My hand embroidered piece called Time Frames will be in the show. I have to finish one more panel and then it will be complete. It will be at Dimensions Gallery in Savannah, GA during the month of January so everyone in Savannah has to check it out!

Time Frames

I had a really nice time in Sarasota, FL visiting family and got the chance to go to the American Craft Show. It was nice to see the work that is out in the craft field and what is popular right now. I gravitated towards the glass and jewelry at the show (which probably isn’t that surprising..haha). A few of the artists that I liked are: Nancilee Woodyard, Jessica Fields, Erica Zap, Gertrude Graham Smith, Genevieve Yang, Mary Darwall, and Laurie Thal. There was also a SCAD fibers alumni at the show, Jen Swearington. It was exciting to see someone who graduated from SCAD at the show. Overall I really enjoyed the American Craft Show and would like to go to future shows.


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