I would like to share something that we are discussing in my Artist as Designer class with Cat Chow.

“Dichotomy between/of: the conceptual and the three-dimensional, the scientific and the romantic, the rational and the irrational, the geometric and the organic, the abstract and the figurative, the simple and the complex, the rigid and the pliable, resisting and letting go, the permanent and the ephemeral, the horizontal and the vertical, feeling/emotion and physical form, joining and cutting, construction and destructive, destruction and reconstruction, breaking and repairing, tenderness and violence, love and hate, harmony and conflict, frustration and happiness, cusses and failure, birth and death, youth and age, the isolated individual and the shared awareness of the group, the one and the other, the private and the public, sculpture and environment, art and life, addition and subtraction, interiority and exteriority, verticality and horizontality, process and object, creative vision and the final result, natura naturans and natura naturata, the passive and the active, mind and matter, repetition and difference.”

Louise Bourgeois

I read an interview with Louise Bourgeois from the book PressPLAY: Contemporary Artists in Conversation and I found it really interesting to read her thoughts about memory. I don’t necessarily relate to her views on this subject directly but I do connect to it at some level. It has certainly made me think about memory from a different perspective. The one thing that sticks in my mind is how she stated that she wanted to give her work permanence. I really relate to that statement and have wrote down that exact sentence several times.

I have really enjoyed reading interviews in this book and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in contemporary artists. It has been really beneficial to read about different artists’ thought processes.


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