Deconstructing Silk

Here are more examples of how I’m deconstructing silk for some of my work.

It started with a sample that I posted from my stitch class. I started thinking about the word destroy while I was responding to another group’s presentation in our class. Then after I made the sample I thought about how this process relates to memory. Memories are not always clear and over time they can start to deconstruct.

So I’m using it in my little samples as reverse applique. There are lots of possibilities with this process so hopefully you’ll see more posts about this in my work. I’m just starting to explore it so it might take a while.

I’m also saving the threads that I’m pulling out of the fabric and plan on using them in some way eventually.

One thought that was brought up in class would be sewing the loose threads on water dissolving stabilizer. I am working on a free motion pattern for this so that a pattern joins these threads together. If anyone has any other thoughts I’d really appreciate them.


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