204 Pleasure Drive

My midterm project for the artist as designer/designer as artist class was to make something out of white paper.

I used different types of water color paper, pearlescent pigment, and embroidery floss to create this work. It’s called 204 Pleasure Drive. I used abstracted images of things that are strong in my memory as a concept to create this work. In the end they were all things that reminded me of my home (where I grew up) in Yorkville, IL. My address was 204 Pleasure Drive, and it seemed perfect for my old address to be the title of this piece.

This work has inspired me to work with smaller compositions using this same imagery. I’m in the process of making smaller prints and putting images together. I think 204 Pleasure Drive is going to be something that I’ll continue to re-work and add on to during this next year. This is a good start of something new and a step in the right direction for creating more collective and abstracted work dealing with memory.

Awls can be used to hold things in place as well as punching holes..hehe These are the kind of things you figure out at 2am. 🙂 So any comments about this work??


2 responses to “204 Pleasure Drive

  1. Abby! This is so cool! I love that you put Daddy’s signature on it. Very neat! 🙂

  2. Pleasant Pleasure Drive! 🙂
    I can’t wait to see this in person Abby…..I love your use of embroidery and layering. It is really cool that you incorporated your Dad’s signature.
    You are inspiring me to get back into making….

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