Stitch Samples and New Ideas

In my Stitch, object as language class we’ve been working in groups to create a visual story/mood with pictures. After both groups presented we had to create three embroidery samples as a response to the other group’s photographs & presentation. The things that stood out the most to me about the other group’s presentation were the words that they used: create, sustain, destroy and the way that they used color. They took out all the color and had all their pictures in sepia tones, except for a few accent colors in four or five pictures. The lack of color, use of color, and music that they used created a very calming mood for me so that I could only focus on the images. I started responding to the word destroy within their images because I noticed leaves that were broken, dead, and crumbling. I picked up a piece of dupioni silk and started pulling out the threads parallel to the selvage. It took a while but when I finished I had an entire new kind of fabric. It enhanced the sheen and texture in a really interesting way. I started distressing the fabric even more and created a large tear in the center of the fabric which was the starting point for one of the leaves that really stuck out in my mind from the presentation. I used the tear to create the shape of the leaf which was a reference to the first image that had color in it. Since this was the first image in the presentation that had color (really bright green) it seemed important to me. This was a really great discovery that will be happening in more of my work. I’m also planning on using the threads that I pulled out of the fabric for something as well. Right now I just have a pile of threads but I know they will find a way back into my work. The other two samples focused more on stitch and textures. One is representing dead leaves and is done all in one color. The other one is representing the use of color again and how the edges of the leaves were accented. Each sample explored something new and different which was really fun!! It was relaxing to just think, stitch, and try new things. I really tried not to over think the samples so I could let the fabric and embroidery floss speak to me while I was making.


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