Artist as Designer/Designer as Artist – Week 2

This last week went by really quickly. In my artist as designer/designer as artist class we were given another 45 minute challenge. I think each challenge is going to be building on the last challenge so were still had paper and tape, but were also given scissors. This time I really tried to just clear my mind and make. I did a lot of thinking and writing over the week and just wanted to relax and let the paper talk to me rather than over thinking this project. I started by folding and cutting pieces of paper, and the shapes started looking like flowers and butterflies. So I started putting things together, and at first things were really literal. It was more about the form, pattern, and shape. I was combining these elements together and they started to look really interesting. Then the shapes got more abstract as I crumbled the paper and put things together. I think the abstract qualities are something that I can build upon later, in my work. After talking about this experience with the class our teacher, Cat Chow, decided that our midterm should be out of paper. We can use any type of paper as long as it’s white. She’s also letting us use white stitching, and white screen printing pigment, YAY!!. It has to be a visually compelling work that is also conceptually solid. It can be an art piece or designed object. It just has to be something that we feel passionate about. I think this is going to be a challenge and I’m excited about it. I’ll post the finished piece sometime after October 10th.

Don’t forget to keep posting your comments objects that evoke a memory, thanks! Here are my 45 minute challenge (#2) pictures.


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