Digital printing/Screen printing workshop

A few weeks ago I went to a digital print/ screen printing workshop with a visiting artist, Anne Shaefer. The workshop focused on digital printing coinciding with hand printing. We focused on the potential mark making that each medium could generate. It was really fun exploring and integrating both types of media. I explored digitally printing first and then screen printing over the digital print, and vice versa. When I screen printed first certain pigments acted as a resist. The results depended on how transparent or opaque the pigments were. Basically I just explored the processes (digital printing was new to me!) and made samples which sparked ideas for further experimentation. Since then I’ve done a some more sampling with the digital printer & I see myself using this process for my work in the future. It’s always exciting to see your designs actually on fabric! Here are some of my samples…


One response to “Digital printing/Screen printing workshop

  1. awesome blog abby
    I really like that last sample rainbow pull print alot!

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