So finally I got to take screen printing (the class that I had to drop when I broke my leg). I still have one more week of the class, but I have to say that I really enjoyed learning this process and it was my favorite class this summer. I definitely see myself using this process in the future. I’m posting my first yardage project which was a variation of the pattern that I made from the tea set. I changed it around and added a few things. I really like how it turned out! It was so much fun printing yardage for the first time and seeing it all fit together. It’s kind of magical. 🙂

I’m also posting my second yardage project. It revolves around a postcard that my Dad wrote my sister and I when he went to Japan in 1988. I already had the postcard scanned in my computer and thought it would be fun to work with since I was working with objects from that same time period. I also started working with pictures for this project and added a new object, a locket that my Dad gave me. I cleaned up a picture of my Dad, sister, and I from 1988 and simplified it in photoshop so that it would translate well when screen-printed. I chose this picture in order to set a mood of the time period that the postcard was from. After I finished the screen-printing I added in embroidery with silk ribbon and floss to highlight a few important details.


One response to “Screen-Printing

  1. I love the postcard screen print. I know how special this project is to you. It turned out so well. Your dad would love it!

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