Continuing embroidery and finding a concept…

When I was in Surfaces and Structures during the spring quarter I got the idea to use the concept of memory and incorporate it with the embroidery that I was working on. I first decided to choose a few objects that directly relate to my Dad so that I could pull inspiration from them & create patterns/images. I chose to use a tea set that my Dad got while he went to Japan ( in 1988 ) when I was three years old. I created a repeat pattern and started working with it in various ways.

My Dad gave this tea set to my Grandma, and my Grandma has recently give it to me. So while I was thinking about the connections that this one object has, I decided to work with imagery of my Grandmother to try and make the motif look similar to a cameo. My goal was to illustrate connections through this imagery and get my audience thinking about a connection that they can relate to themselves. So if this gets anyone thinking please share your thoughts 🙂


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