My New Blog!!

I’ve decided to start a blog about my graduate work so that I can show family and friends what I’m working on. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 I just wrote a statement of purpose for the fibers graduate program and am going to post the highlights from my statement to update everyone on my concept and direction of work. I’ll be posting pictures soon so visit my blog often 🙂

I have always had a strong connection with the past and tend to focus on my own personal memories. I have so many great family memories from my childhood and love to reminisce about them. I think one of the joys of life is the time spent with close family and having the ability to remember all the little things that make these connections special. For this reason, I have been exploring the concept of memory during these last two quarters. One of the most important reasons why I am focusing on this concept is because my Dad passed away about five years ago and I feel all I have left are memories of him. This makes me want to hold on to these memories so that I will never lose them.

During this past year, I have been exploring numerous processes in the fibers department. My focus has been on embroidery and embellishing. I am using other processes like CAD and screen-printing to enhance my embroidery. As a starting point, I have been working with different objects that relate to my Dad in one way or another so that I can create patterns and images from them. The images that I am working on not only directly relate to my memories but are also images that others can relate to as well. I am illustrating connections within my work that are open to viewer interpretation.

I am using embroidery because this method translates my imagery into the cloth and makes them a part of the cloth. Not only does this method translate my images into the cloth but also it has a large cultural history and dialog. This trait makes me think about collective memory, which is an area that I want to explore as my concepts keep developing. Using this process opens up a dialog for others to relate to. Many people have had a piece of cloth passed down from generation to generation and it represents memory which is rich with meaning. I think that others will be able to relate to this concept through the cloth in a successful way.

At this time, I am exploring different ways of presenting my concepts and ideas and am seeking constructive criticism from professors and peers so that I can make the best body of work possible.


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